36000 रुपये की पेंशन मिलेगी सभी ई-श्रम कार्ड धारकों को, ऐसे करें आवेदन

E Shram Card Pension: For the workers living in the country, the government issues many such schemes, through which they can get many facilities. E-Shram Card has been started by the Central Government to bring more improvement in the lives of the labor citizens working in the unorganized sector. The e-Shram card will be provided to the citizens only after they complete the registration process by visiting the portal. But the laboring citizens will be happy to know that they can do this through e-Shramik Card. 36 thousand rupees pension will be available. This pension amount will be received on the application of Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana. Today we are going to tell you how the labor card holder will be able to get pension through the card.

E Shram Card has been made for the poor labor laborers working in the unorganized sector. Through e-card, he can take advantage of many schemes issued by the government. Workers can apply for Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana through online medium through their mobiles. After becoming the beneficiary of the scheme, the workers 60 years On completion, a pension of Rs 3000 will be provided to them every month. So let us tell you about the Maandhan scheme.

What is Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana

Only unorganized sector workers can apply for the Maandhan scheme by the government. Through the scheme, he can get the pension amount in his account after 60 years at the stipulated time. Citizens of 18 years to 40 years will be able to apply for the scheme. To get the benefit of the scheme, citizens have to deposit money in their bank every month. 55 rupees The amount ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.200 has to be deposited according to your age. If you are 18 years old, you should 55 rupees must be submitted, if you 40 years if you have 200 per month 60 years must be submitted till the age of After which they will get pension. This pension amount will be the support of their old age because no one takes care of anyone in old age but through pension they will not have to bow down to anyone nor will they need any support.

Who will get the benefit of the scheme

The benefits of the scheme can be taken by street vendors, rickshaw drivers, construction workers, fishermen, servants, sweepers, tailors, crafty weavers etc. The monthly income of the laborers should be less than 15 thousand and along with this, those who are not taking benefit of any other scheme will also be able to get the benefit of the scheme.

Information related to Shram Maandhan Scheme

  • Through the scheme, workers of the unorganized sector will get a pension of Rs 3000 per month after 60 years.
  • If a worker dies, his wife will be given a pension of Rs 1500.
  • Under the scheme, the amount of the amount deposited by the laborer will also be contributed by the government.
  • The citizen will have to deposit an amount of Rs 200 from 55 years according to his age.

These people cannot take advantage of the scheme

  • Member of National Pension Scheme
  • income tax payers
  • organized sector citizens
  • Those who must be taking benefit of any other government scheme
  • Members of EPFO, NPS and ESIC

How to apply for Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana

  • To apply for the scheme, the applicant has to first go to his nearest public service center.
  • You have to carry the required documents with you.
  • After which you can fill the pension scheme application form through the agent.

If citizens want, they can also get benefits by applying for the scheme on their own through their mobile and computer.

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